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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A List of 10 Most Significant Environmental Threats That We are Going to Face

Early We had discussed 8 most dangerous human activities that harm the environment.  This article is a continuation of that entry. You may have noticed we have missed several other human activities from that list. We are glad to see your suggestions and opinions in the commenting area. Here in this article we are going to discuss about "10 Threats that we are going to face in 21st century."

1. Global Warming

Global Warming in Guana

As a result of over Deforestation and emission of excess amount of oxides of carbon from power plants and vehicles there has been formed a green house effect around the Earth. Global warming would leads to water scarcity and extinction of several living organisms.

2. Water Scarcity

oh dear.. save water!

Causes: Destruction of water resources, Global warming, Deforestation, Decrease in rain water

Affects: Extinction, diseases,

3. Energy Scarcity

Causes: Great dependence on traditional energy sources, slow growth for renewable energy technology, over use of energy sources (exploitation)

Affects: Slower developments, loss of economic stability of countries, International war for energy.

4. Food Scarcity and Food Poisoning

Causes: population explosion, conversion of green farm areas to concrete farms, diet style

Affects: Extinction, war

5. Climate Change

Causes: global warning, over exploitation of minerals and resources, pollution of water bodies.

Affects: Mental retardation, diseases, extinction of Living organisms

6. Flood

Causes: Deforestation,reduction in water absorption capacity of soil,

Affects: affects farms, habitat loss,difficulty in transportation

7. Decrease in Under Water Level

Causes: Over exploitation of under water reservoirs, deforestation, use of plastic covers

Affects: Water scarcity

8. Sea level Rise and Decrease in Land Area

Causes: Ice melting at Poles due to Global warning.

Affects: Sea level rise, total land area reduction,

9. Earth quake

Causes: Dams, uncontrolled stone mining, nuclear experiments.

Affects: loss of habitat, death of human being as well as living organisms.

10. Infectious Diseases and Carcinogens and mutation

Causes: Radiation, ozone layer depletion, nuclear reactor explosions, mobile towers

Affects:  mutation, death of living organisms

How to Reduce the Strength of These Environmental Threats?

The one and only method to reduce the strength of environmental threats is afforestation.

  • Afforestation
  • Reduce the emission of oxides of carbon
  • Population control
  • Utilize renewable energy sources
  • Protect water resources
  • Utilize rain water
  • Avoid plastic
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8 Most Dangerous Human Activities That Harm The Environment

Balance is the most important factor when defining the word "nature". Each and every components and resources lies under a balanced condition. Any small change in those components will induce an imbalance in whole system of nature. Intolerable condition leads to natural hazards!

Here we are going to discuss about 8 most dangerous human activities that harm the precious environment. Mankind is exploiting the nature for his profit. If he is continuing his cruel exploitation of nature mankind as well as all other living organisms on earth will disappear.

Human Activities that harm the environment

  •  Deforestation
  •  Extreme level of carbon emission
  •  Over exploitation of minerals and resources
  •  Stone Mining
  •  Sand Mining
  •  Paddy field filling
  •  Hill leveling
  •  Over use of plastics

1. Deforestation

We have lost more than 90 percent of forest area since 1900. Man exploits Earth's forest cover for woods, buildings, land and other resources. Deforestation due to natural hazards and forest fires are termed as natural deforestation. Forest is one of the most significant factor in natural balance. Read more about impacts of deforestation.

2. Extreme level of carbon emission

We are largely relies on petroleum based fuels for our energy needs. Even though renewable sources of energy has been gaining more and more attention, there is no reduction in interest on petroleum based fuels. It is because of the high energy density of traditional energy sources. We know that availability of petroleum fuels are decreasing and the technology world is experimenting with renewable energy sources for sustainable energy. Burning of carbon based fuels (petroleum and coal) releases a large amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This carbon dioxide causes global warming and several  other environmental issues. Read more about global warning!

3. Over exploitation of Minerals and Resources

We should remember that, the nature and its resources are not only for human kind but also for other living organisms. Due to the selfishness we are exploiting the nature up to maximum possible. Such an over exploitation would lead to natural imbalance. Read more about effect of over exploitation of minerals and resources.

4. Stone mining

Stone is one of the main building material. There are several types of stones that can be mined from the earth. (Example: red stone, black stone) It is sure that uncontrolled stone mining would effect the balance of earth. Think a while when mining the heart of earth.

5. Sand mining

Over extraction of sand would kill rivers. Sand mining from coastal areas would reduce land area.

6. Hill leveling

Hill leveling would affect under water level destruction of habitats

7. Wet land/ Paddy field filling

Filling of fields to construct buildings and houses would leads to  future water scarcity. Fields are resources of water. We have to
maintain those precious areas.

8. Use of plastic covers

Waste plastic covers deposited on the top layer of earth would reduce the water absorption capacity of the soil. It will alter the chemistry of the soil as well as under water level. So we have to use degradable materials instead of plastics.

What are you thinking now? Did you ever think about the effect of these dangerous human activities? Comment your opinion if you love your Earth?
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